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Event Date Event Name Type Status Organising Club Championships
2 Apr -> 3 Apr Circuit of Ireland SR Int Ulster Automobile Club Ltd
3 Apr Annabelle Tennant Memorial Stages Milltown M IC Condor Motorsports Club
3 Apr MSN Alan Healy Memorial Cadwell Park Stages 2021 SR IC Border Motor Club (Lincs)
3 Apr Legend Fires Tour of Epynt SR IC Port Talbot Motor Club Ltd
4 Apr Cirrus Research Stages M CM Bolton Le Moors Car Club Ltd
4 Apr NHMC Warcop Stages Rally M IC North Humberside Motor Club Ltd
4 Apr -> 5 Apr Pickering Cross Country L That's Motorsport
10 Apr DCC Stages SR IC Dunfermline C C Ltd
11 Apr Abingdon Long Course Sprint S IC Sutton and Cheam Motor Club
11 Apr Lookout Stages M IC Trackrod Motor Club Ltd
17 Apr Somerset Seeker Targa Rally TA IC Minehead Motor Club Ltd
17 Apr Get it Sideways Stages Rally M IC Cheltenham and Cotswold Rover Owners Club Ltd
17 Apr Rallynuts Stages Rally SR Nat Midland Manor Motor Club
17 Apr Speyside Stages SR Nat 63 Car Club
18 Apr SMC Stages, Anglesey M IC Stockport 061 Motor Club
22 Apr -> 25 Apr Rally Croatia SR Int
24 Apr Shackleton Stages SR CM Maiden City Motor Club Ltd
24 Apr -> 25 Apr Corbeau Seats Rally Tendering & Clacton SR Nat Chelmsford Motor Club
25 Apr MSN Snetterton Stages 2021 SR IC Anglia Motor Sports Club Ltd.


Cancelled Live Postponed Unknown


C = Closed to Club
CM = Clubman
CS = Clubsport
DP = Dual Permit
EX = Exempt
IC = Interclub
INat = Irish National
Int = International
NA = National A
Nat = National
NB = National B
TBA = To Be Advised


A = Autotest
CT = Car Trial
E = Economy Run
H = Historic Rally
K = Scatter
L = Cross Country
M = Single Venue Rally
O = Other
Q = Rallycross
RMT = Rally Training
RR = Road Rally
RT = Rally Time Trial
S = Sprint / Hillclimb
Show = Show
SR = Stage Rally
T = Trial
TA = Targa Rally
TBA = To Be Advised
V = Classic Trial
X = Autocross

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